Excise tax

Excise tax on a car from abroad – what is worth knowing?

Excise tax must be
1. be paid within 30 days of importing the car from abroad (within 14 days, however, you must fill out and submit the AKC-US declaration).
2. Currently, the excise tax is paid into the account of the Tax Office in Nowy Targ.
3. To pay the excise tax, you must fill out the AKC-US declaration.
4. Most often, the excise tax rate excise tax is 3.1% or 18.6%, depending on the capacity of the engine. Preferential excise tax rates apply for hybrids excise taxes.
5. Electric cars, hydrogen-powered vehicles and some hybrids are completely exempt from excise taxes. Submit – Application form for a certificate stating that the car is exempt from excise tax.

For your convenience, our Customs Agency:
– prepares excise declaration,
– sends the declaration to the appropriate tax office,
– we assist with payment.
To obtain confirmation of payment of excise tax, which will be needed when registering the of the vehicle in the communications department, we must provide the VIN number.

What excise tax rates for cars apply from January 1, 2024?

Payment of excise tax on a car depends on two factors. After First, on the value of the car specified in the purchase contract of sale. If you buy a vehicle for a company, then the amount placed on the invoice.

Secondly, the excise rate is also affected by the engine capacity. Note that the transaction amount included on the purchase agreement or invoice must be consistent with the actual value of the market value of the car. Underestimation of the amount may be questioned by the Authority, and the then the official may charge a higher excise tax rate.

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