Customs procedures such as export, import and transit through the territory of Poland, including intra-EU transfer, i.e. the movement of goods purchased in a country of the European Union and moving out of the Union for strategic goods – from the armament list or dual use goods – requires checking:
– whether they are not subject to the regulations governing their free movement.
– Whether they are not subject to the issuance of a permit by the Ministry of Development and Technology.

Depending on whether it is a transit of goods from outside the Union or EU goods may or may not be subject to the issuance of a permit. It happens that EU goods are subject to permission, and the same non-EU goods are not. Often the goods, which, for example in the UK or the United States, are not on the list of weapons, but according to Polish regulations are subject to obtaining a permit.

Our Customs Agency will check WSK products for you both in terms of national, EU and foreign regulations. Our Customs Agency provides comprehensive services related to WSK Internal Control System.

More than once we have been asked for help by clients who have started a transit procedure and their goods have been detained abroad due to formal customs errors. For example, an armored car with bulletproof glass, which was moved on transit documents from the UK , in the UK was not subject to the provisions of the WSK, while according to Polish regulations could not cross the Polish- Ukrainian border without the permit.

There are many such examples. Ignorance of the regulations and the inability to continue transport generates huge costs waiting for the preparation of documents, submission to the relevant institution and the issuance of the permit itself.You are welcome to contact us to consult with our Customs Agency whether the goods are subject to obtaining a permit or not. We help you prepare the correct documents, and work with certified translators to comprehensively handle your application. We file applications on your behalf, and as a shipping company, we can also arrange transportation.
In addition to our knowledge of CIS, we have more than 20 years of experience in customs and forwarding services, which allows us to avoid mistakes in this area. We provide ALL IN service.
We help foreign companies with all c ustoms and forwarding formalities andformalities in obtaining WSK permit from MRiT. We communicate in English and Ukrainian.
We also handle simplified applications, end-User certificate – concerning permits for transportation of protective vests and helmets to Ukraine. Our Customs Agency also holds a General Permit ZG PL-DU-1 for the shipment of drones.


The WSK, or Internal Control System, is a set of rules that are essential in dual-use trade. This system plays a key management role, serving as a tool to prevent actions that conflict with both international obligations and national control regulations. The CIS is part of a larger structure, integrating Polish companies and government institutions with international organizations that jointly set rules for trade in armaments, dual-use goods, technology and military equipment.


These are goods designed by the manufacturer exclusively for civilian use that at the same time have the potential for military use (e.g.: in the development and research of weapons of mass destruction). All goods of this type are divided into 9 categories and collected in a list that is part of Council Regulation EC 428/2009 -Annex I.

auto na przejściu granicznym - obrazek wyrózniający dla Certyfikat WSK

Transactions supervised by the CCI
– International transactions of strategic goods (concerning, for example, transactions of purchase, sale or shipment outside of the country),
– International services for strategic goods (concerning, e.g., installation, repair, service, brokerage, consulting
Goods of strategic importance
– Armaments – goods specially designed or modified for military purposes, which are indicated in the list of armaments Dual-use items – goods designed for civilian purposes that may have a military application.
Basic regulations
– Regulation (EU) No. 2021/821 of the Parliament and of the Council of 20.05.2021. Establishing an EU regime for the control of exports, brokering, technical assistance, transit and transfer of dual-use items.
– Law dated November 29, 2000. (as amended) on foreign trade in goods, technologies and services of strategic importance for state security, as well as for the maintenance of international peace and security (consolidated text OJ 2022, item 1666)