How to clear resettlement property in Poland?

Resettlement property is personal property that you bring with you when you move your residence
from a non-EU country to Poland.
In order to benefit from the exemption of duties and taxes on resettlement property, you must meet
several conditions, such as:
– Continuously reside outside the European Union for at least 12 months before moving to Poland.
– Own and use the resettlement property for at least 6 months prior to the change of residence.
– Bring in resettlement property within 12 months of moving to Poland.
– Do not dispose of resettlement property to others for at least 12 months after its importation.
In order to clear resettlement property in Poland, you must declare it to the customs authority for
the release procedure.
Depending on the type of resettlement property, you may need additional documents, such as a
vehicle registration certificate, a certificate of registration or a housing tenancy agreement, a tax
return from the country from which the resettlement property is imported.

What is displaced property?

Displaced property refers to personal belongings transported as part of a
move from another country to Poland. According to the definition, personal
property means "any property intended for the personal use of the persons
concerned or to meet the needs of their households". Furthermore,
"personal property must not be of such a nature or quantity as to indicate
that it is being transported for commercial purposes".
What are the advantages of declaring resettlement property? First of all, it
will enable us to be exempt from customs duties, excise duties and VAT.
In addition, it is worth knowing that exemption from customs duties does
not apply in the case of:

 alcohol,
 tobacco products,
 means of transport to run their own business,
 goods used for professional or gainful activity.

What is included in resettlement property?

  • Resettlement property includes household possessions, bicycles and
    motorbikes, private motor vehicles and their trailers, caravans, tour
    boats and private aircraft. Personal property also includes household
    possessions appropriate to the ordinary needs of the family, portable
    instruments and equipment for the person concerned's craft or
  • The carriage of the aforementioned resettlement property is
    permitted for a period of up to 12 months from the determination of
    the applicant's place of residence. By law, during this period, the
    property may not be lent, ceded, rented or pledged without
    notification to the relevant authority.
auto na przejściu granicznym - obrazek wyrózniający dla Certyfikat WSK

Displaced property and registration of a passenger car

In order to register a vehicle imported as part of resettlement property, it must first be placed under a customs transit procedure at the first EU customs office. A declaration for the release of the goods must then be lodged. The declaration can be made in the form of a SAD document (specimen available on the PUESC portal) or in the form of an electronic message to the AIS/IMPORT system. Then, the days should be as short as possible to register the vehicle in the territory of the Republic of Poland. To do so, you will of course need all the basic documents necessary to register the vehicle, including the original SAD customs document. If you have not cleared transit for various reasons, we will assist you in submitting the appropriate application for the clearance of your property so that you can still clear customs.

UK resettlement property after Brexit

Resettlement property from the UK has changed significantly due to
BREXIT. From 1 January 2021, the UK ceased to be a member of the EU, as
a result of which it joined the so-called third countries. In view of this,
anyone wishing to transport property from the UK to Poland must comply
with the third country resettlement property rules.
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With us you can arrange everything remotely

We report displaced property for clearance nationwide.
Documents by email, customs declaration is remote.
Resettlement property presented directly by the owner at the designated Office dependent on your
residence .
Our customs agent is in telephone contact with Customs and you to ensure that all formalities are
completed smoothly without any problems.

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